Aside from being a hair and makeup artist, Jeffdy is also a choreographer.  Dancing has always been his first love. During his younger days in school, Jeffdy was a fixture in dance performances, contests, and shows.  He was a member of the Chiang Kai Shek College Chinese Dance Troupe and UST-CFAD pep squad . In every step of the way, he was exceedingly relentless in learning new moves, styles, and genres. His talent was further developed until he became a crowd favorite and an effortless conqueror of the dance floor.

Using his dancing formula and enviable craft, he teaches and works with people to design and shape their routines, providing guidance and creativity to make them the best they can be. He aims for excellence in theater dances such as classical and modern ballet, jazz, authentic folk dance, and commercial dance as well. He is known for his versatility; covering a wide array of genres from performing arts to cheerleading and contemporary .

An all time performer, Jeffdy gives out the finest presentations every time he performs on stage boarded together by his love and passion for dancing.

Jeffdy currently shares his gift for dancing in weddings, debuts (cotillions), corporate parties, choir and the like.