Fact: Jeff Dy is an artist of high caliber and competence.

Due to his innate talent in the field of arts, Jeffdy is simply,

the talk of the town.

Jeffdy is an expert in adding beauty and glamour to everything that he touches.

From exceptional events, unforgettable gatherings, special occasions, and once in a lifetime shindigs, he has organized them all with aplomb. He is a certified events maverick at social circuits by heart and by profession. Not only is Jeffdy an expert in make-up and good grooming, he is likewise musically-gifted and he effortlessly glides in dancing and choreography.

Name it.Jeffdy does it  with sheer grace and style!

Jeffdy is a true blue alumnus of leadership, skills, and talent at Chiang Kai Shek College. He is an accomplished degree holder of Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design from one of the country's leading educational institutions that commands a high degree of competence in pioneering human endeavors

– the University of Santo Tomas.

And now, he chooses to focus and succeed in his true passions which are in the fields of hair and makeup and choreography. He strongly believes that his natural ability, coupled with his love for what he does, is the only formula to make it to the top.